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Great Green Gifts! 
All of these pieces are created by using recycled magazines.  Each piece is delicately handmade, in a striking black frame, and has a quilted look. Additional mat choices and frames are availible. Contact us  for a custom quote.
Frogs on a log
Frogs make everyone smile. Two frogs, well they are infectious. Size 8'' x 26''.
Price: $99.00
8x20 2 frogs:
Coffee any one? Tea? This series would be perfect in any kitchen or office. The size is 8'' x 26''.
Price: $99.00
Need to spice up your Kitchen? Want some rubber ducks to put in the bath? Just ask. We love new ideas. The size is 8'' x 26''.
Price: $99.00
As you know, Alex creates one of a kind peices. This one was insprired by his butterfly........Emily, his daughter. The size is 8'' x 26''.
Price: $99.00
Enter Option Name:
From birds to boats to butterfiles, we have endless combinations of papercuts to satisfy any need. Truly a gift you know that they won't already have! The size is 8'' x 26''.
Price: $99.00
African Animals
Perfect for that African safari room.
Price: $99.00
Fly me to the Moon
The three phases of the moon is highlighted in this piece. The paper Alex chose was sheet music that has been painted to create these exciting colors. The size is 8'' x 26''.
Price: $99.00
Every lil bird
A blue jay, cardinal and yellow finch got together and made piece of work that the birds have been tweeting about nonstop. Not the funniest joke we've told so far.
Price: $99.00
A totally unique item for the dog lovers. We, of course, have other dogs too.
Price: $99.00
Koi fish
masterly created, symbol of prosperity, one of the best sellers.
Price: $32.00
Framed $62.00:

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